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Intensive ESL Program

ESL for Intermediate Learners

English as a Second Language for Intermediate Learners

Course Objective:

This course is designed to enhance the practical use of grammar and the different language elements and structures in both written and oral communication. It also includes building on new strategies to enhance vocabulary and comprehension.

Duration Hours: 80 Learning Hours
Passing Percentage: 85%
Certificate: Yes
Assessment Overview:

Course Curriculum

  1. Keys to Build Grammar
  2. Grammar Pathways
  3. Mastering Modals
  4. Communicating Well with Tenses
  5. Composing Excellent Questions
  1. Reading Pathways
  2. Strategies for Easy Comprehension
  3. Going Beyond Reading 1
  4. Going Beyond Reading 2
  5. Going Beyond Reading 3
  1. Linking Sounds
  2. Deletions
  3. Assimilations
  4.  Contractions
  5. Superclusters
  6. Spelling/speaking correspondences and miscues
  7. Voice range and projection
  1. Topics, Words, and Idioms
  2. Using the Right Word at the Right Time
  3. Skills and Drills
  1. Communication in an Academic Setting
  2. Presentations and Compelling Conversations

Lessons are carefully crafted with progressive flows that match each learner's current ability.


Our highly-trained coaches approach instructions for these essential skill areas with targeted strategies in each class.


Each educator on the Champ team has advanced training and mastery in specific subject areas of their specialization which ensures the best learning outcomes for each student .