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Intensive ESL Program

A program covering all skill areas needed in language mastery

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Integrates language instruction with content areas

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Whether you want to polish up on your English or expose yourself to different settings of developing good communication, there’s a long list to choose from.

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Get a custom learning plan tailored to fit your busy life. Learn at your own pace and reach your goal.

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We will not only provide you with knowledge but we will help you unlock and enhance every skill needed to reach your goal.


What our Students Say

    Min Hyeok


    Studying in English Champions was a really good experience. In fact, it was not easy to study English while working, but it was great because the teachers were considerate of the time and taught me well

      M. Kim


      I recommend the ECLA Inc. for these reasons: First, the teachers keep the time well. Second, you can learn high quality English. Third, you can get rid of your fear in speaking English

        Lahpai Nang Doi


        It is my first online English course. Before the training, I was very excited and stressed. But, on the first day of class, the teacher’s friendly demeanor relieved the stress, I learned my lessons well. I was also happy to meet such a friendly and caring teacher. This intimate teaching is very comforting for me and enhances my learning. I feel that the teacher is not like a teacher but as a sister. Her teaching is very good and effective



          This is a great course and it improves our abilities to speak English in different situations. After completing the course, I still want to attend. However, due to one of my circumstances, I had to cancel the course. I am sorry for that. I thank you for your kindness and patience in teaching.

            Jacob Lee


            My English skills have improved a lot, and I am happier now that I am more confident in using the English language. The reason why Koreans are not good in English is because they are too scared to speak with foreigners, but I overcame my fear through the class and I now talk with my company's foreign colleagues without being reserved.



              I have learned a lot about phonetics, pronunciation, expressions, and idioms. These are very helpful for my work. I had a great experience taking this class and it improved my English very well.

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