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Intensive ESL Program

ESL for Beginners

English as a Second Language for Beginners

Course Objective:

This course is designed to introduce and develop some mastery in basic grammar; use key vocabulary for everyday conversation; practice basic rules and patterns for writing; introduce key skills in reading, eventually leading to building good communication

Duration Hours: 80 Learning Hours
Passing Percentage: 85%
Certificate: Yes
Assessment Overview:

Course Curriculum

  1. Introduction
  2. Word Context
  3. The NYMS
  4. Power Words & Misleading Words
  5. Verbal Analogies
  1. The Elements of Pronunciation
  2. The sounds of English
  3. Intonation patterns
  4. Rhythm & Stress
  5. Body language
  1. Basic Rules of Spelling
  2. Understanding Spelling Challenges
  3. Commonly Misspelled Words
  4. Drills 1-10
  1. Sentences & Fragments
  2. Proofreading
  3. Writing 101
  1. Survival English 101
  2. Survival English 201

Our proven assessment and evaluation standards place students at the best-suited levels for targeted learning.


Our expert educators skillfully break the target language down into different skill areas for a more effective learning experience.


Our teaching team instructs learners in all areas of the target language with high expertise levels using shifting teaching styles that match each student's learning style.