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Intensive ESL Program

ESL for Advanced Learners

English as a Second Language for Advanced Learners

Course Objective:

This course intensifies language training through targeted mastery of the different communication skills using deeper linguistic foundation in refining existing English discourse. It also aims to prepare each learner for a higher level of both academic and professional application.

Duration Hours: 80 Learning Hours
Passing Percentage: 85%
Certificate: Yes
Assessment Overview:

Course Curriculum

  1. The Colors of Grammar
  2. Grammar Pathways 201
  3. Making Conditionals Work
  4. Moods in Communication
  5. Inversions for Today
  1. Reading Pathways 301
  2. More Reading Strategies for ELLs
  3. Going Beyond Reading 4
  4. Going Beyond Reading 5
  5. Academic Reading for Advanced Learners
  1. Tactics for Developing Listening Skills
  2. Listening Comprehension in an Academic Setting
  3. Listening Comprehension in Social Settings
  1. Idioms and Other Expressions
  2. Essential Words for Language Advancement
  1. Writing Formats for the Advanced Learner
  2. Creative Writing and Expression
  3. Proposals, Articles, Reviews, and Emails.
  1. ESL Conversation for Advanced Learners
  2. Formal Presentations and Social Gatherings
  3. The Etiquette of Making Conversations

As each student progresses, our passionate and highly-trained educators adjust approaches to address challenges and support student breakthroughs quickly throughout the learning journey.


Learners receive thorough equipping in each skill from theory to application because of our tested teaching strategies.


Our expert teachers are well-matched with each learner's current difficulty resulting to a holistic and highly effective learning process.