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Intensive ESL Program

ESL 654 program

English as a Second Language for Intermediate Learners

Course Objective:

An intensive program presented in a well-defined, detailed manner that aims to help the learner process and practice key skills for each learning stream of the English language in a group setting.

Duration Hours: 240 Learning Hours
Passing Percentage: 85%
Certificate: Yes
Assessment Overview:

Course Curriculum

  1. Basic Grammar
  2. Rule Mastery and Application
  3. Grammar Pathways
  4. The Colors of Grammar
  5. Moods in Communication
  1. Basic Rules and Drills of Spelling
  2. Basic Rules and Patterns of Writing
  3. Academic Writing Formats
  4. Creative Writing and Expression
  5. Business Writing
  1. Basic Reading Skills and Strategies for Comprehension
  2. Going Beyond Reading
  3. Reading Strategies for ELLs
  4. Academic Reading for Advanced Learners
  5. Appreciating Literature
  1. Introduction and Word Analogies
  2. Topics, Words and Idioms
  3. The RIGHT Key
  4. Idioms and Other Expressions
  5. Essential Words for Language Advancement
  1. Foundation and Elements of Pronunciation
  2. Speaking Correspondences and Miscues
  3. Voice Range and Projection
  1. Survival English
  2. Communication in an Academic Setting
  3. Presentations and Conversations
  4. ESL Conversation for Advanced Learners
  5. Formal Presentations and Social Gatherings
  1. Tactics for Developing Listening Skills
  2. Listening Comprehension in an Academic Setting
  3. Listening Comprehension in Social Settings

This program has a very good balance of collaborative and individualized learning. Subjects under this program are tailored to individual needs so students can focus on targeted lessons, which means they only study what they need.


Level advancement is based on term-end assessments to allow individualized phase by phase learning for each student.


Learners experience a variety of teaching approaches as they come together in groups and experience diverse, unconventional, and fun ways to develop and master English application.